Spring 2022

Healing Power of Nature

This project was about healing power of nature series of visual content of story telling about how each selected people shared how a nature played a role in healing each individuals in their personal journey


Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” 

While I was a junior in college, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and agoraphobia. During that period, I developed constant panic attacks. I started working on myself by turning toward nature and examining the simplicity of the world around me.  I looked at ants that came into the house, observing them without judgment, just watching their path. I listened and watched the birds as they flew by the window. I watched the trees in a nearby park to understand what it means to be a tree. Without trees, birds would not exist, insects wouldn’t either, and neither would humans. Through these realizations, I developed a deep appreciation and compassion for everything.