Ang Pemba Sherpa

Portland, Oregon based visual creator (Photography | Videography ) with a passion for visual story telling.

Ang Pemba Sherpa, a native Sherpa born in the Khumbu, Everest region of Nepal and is currently based in Portland, Oregon US, boasts a rich professional background in adventure lifestyle, landscape photography, motion time-lapse photography, and filmmaking.

His passion for storytelling ignited at a young age, fueling his journey into photography and filmmaking.

Attending as a media communication student at Portland State University and as a film student at the NW Film Institute in Portland, OR, between 2004 and 2008 shaped his passion into a professional trajectory.

Throughout the years, Ang Pemba Sherpa has forged successful collaborations with documentary and photography projects worldwide. His works have been showcased in venues such as the Portland Whistle Auditorium and Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Furthermore, he has lent his expertise to renowned outdoor adventure companies and magazines across the globe.


Visual Story Project
Aerial Photography


We had a wonderful time collaborating with Pemba in a remote fashion. Though our physical distance was vast, we never felt that our ability to communicate and creatively work together was diminished by that factor. Pemba was always reliable, available and open to communication and collaboration, and always provided a lot of flexibility and openness in his approach to the work. I highly recommend considering with Pemba and would work with him again should the opportunity present itself.
Michael Anderson